My Toolbox

We are do-it-yourselfers, my husband and I.  Jack is a woodworker, builder and all-around handyman.  He does most all the work on the house and the cars as well as a vast assortment of other projects including woodworking with kids.

I’m not bad with a hammer and saw myself.  Over time I got tired of asking him to do the odd job from hanging pictures to fixing my loom.  And it drove me crazy to go downstairs to his basement shop and look for the right tool for the job.  I could never find it since we have vastly different ways of organizing our stuff. It became a bone of contention neither of us wanted to gnaw on.


On Christmas, years ago when the kids were small, he built and gave me my own toolbox.  It was a terrific present.  I didn’t have to descend to the basement on endless futile searches.  I could get an idea and go to work on it without always having to engage Jack in the process.   He didn’t have to do all my projects himself nor listen to me moan about not being able to find tools.

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